1:1 consultation service

1:1 Consults are a 1hr Zoom call where we look at all aspects of your training, your exercise history, your current goals, and what’s the biggest barrier for you as an active woman who wants to continue to run and thrive in menopause.

Everything changes in menopause when our hormone profile changes. How we train, how we nourish ourselves, and how we balance ‘life’ now matter more than they ever did. Balancing this menopause jigsaw is what will bring you back to feeling like a runner again and getting results from your training.

Within 24hrs of our call, I will follow up with feedback on what changes you can make to thrive as a menopausal runner and the steps you can take to get there.

Whether you want to know how to change your training, how you now fuel for performance, how you put together a race strategy for a goal race, or how you get back to feeling like yourself again I can help.

Menopause need not destroy the joy of exercise. 

I can answer those questions and any others you have on the impact of menopause on training, nutrition, and health and show you how to make changes to work with your new physiology. No need to just survive menopause I believe you can truly thrive once when you have the knowledge and the tools to make changes that fit in with your lifestyle.

Limited spots are available monthly