Do you know that you need to make changes to your nutrition & lifestyle?

This is not a prescriptive diet but a behavioural change program that gives you the knowledge and helps you to take action to make long term sustainable changes to your nutrition & lifestyle.

Are you unsure where to start?

Do you need help making those changes & figuring out what works for you?

Has exercise become a struggle, but you want to continue & don’t know if it’s your training or nutrition that’s the problem?

Have you tried ‘everything’ and nothing is working?

What’s included?

Pre course nutrition & lifestyle evaluation

Weekly check in & coach feedback

Practical Menopause specific solutions. Nutrition & lifestyle education to help you change your habits via weekly zoom

Support, structure & accountability to build sustainable, long-term habits


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Questions we will answer?

How does menopause impact my body?

Why am I gaining weight & what can I do about it?

How do I deal with cravings?

How do I support my body to minimise menopause symptoms?

How do I improve my  energy?

How to get back to feeling like I used to when exercising


I feel alive again. I was existing previous to this programme and accepted that I was getting old and this was the start of slow down in my brain and body on my way to old age. it was quite depressing but I accepted it as part of life.

I feel ten years younger. My brain is good, my memory is good. I feel fresh and alive again. Sleep has been the biggest achievement on this program

I can’t wait to do my running sessions and feel the improvement during every session.

Even though I have been on HRT for several years now, my mood has been very low regardless, and I only just realised over the last few days that I don’t feel like that anymore

Highly recommend this course for all women as they enter peri-menopause. Don’t be afraid of what the future holds, Irene will arm you with the knowledge and know-how to approach this new phase of your life with confidence and calmness.

This course has helped me make sense of the changes that I need to make to navigate menopause. It is simple , concise and provides tools and strategies which promote a healthy, consistent and effective mindset towards menopause.

 ‘What menopause’!!

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