Menopause Masterclass

The impact of menopause can have a huge effect on our health, wellbeing, and physical performance.

Are you training and getting poor results?

Are you struggling to train?

Are you stuck in a rut?

Are you gaining weight around your middle?

Are your energy levels low?

Is your sleep very poor?

Are menopause symptoms destroying the joy of exercise and life?

By the end of this masterclass, you will know and understand the impact of menopause on the body and what we can do to thrive not survive during this period of our lives

Everything that we cover is backed up by science and research. Only 4% of all sports science research is exclusively on women and even less on menopausal women.

Many so-called facts about exercise and nutrition may be true for men but you cannot shrink it, pink it, and apply the same logic to females. That is why some things may work for men, but they do not work for women. Men and women have different hormones and how we approach exercise, nutrition and self-care needs to reflect that.

This masterclass will give you the research and the practical solutions on what you can do to help you thrive.

*please note this is a digital masterclass, and access to video will be provided upon purchase