Running Coaching Programme

Are you really getting results from your training?

Are you peri / post-menopausal and finding that your body’s response to training has changed?

Are you trying to manage menopause symptoms and exercise and feel tired but wired after long runs?

Are you completely confused with all the information online about nutrition, menopause, and sport?

As menopausal women, we can continue to run races from 5k to marathons. What changes is how we do this and how we support ourselves.

These are the big questions that we all want to know the answer to-

      How do I train without it being a struggle every single day?

      How do I do this and manage menopause symptoms at the same time?

      How do I fuel myself to have the energy to do this? 

      How do I stop gaining weight and feel like running is a slog?

The Endurance Running Programme is not a traditional training plan. You are an individual and your menopause symptoms are individual to you. We may exercise for 1hr but what about the other 23 hours?

       Getting back to feeling like our old selves means looking at all the pieces in the menopause jigsaw. 

I will guide you through the process from start to finish where you want to run 5k or 50k. This is not about more training it’s about better training. I use the science and research on active menopausal women to help you train and fuel better and smarter to run stronger and get back to the runner you once were.

This will include –

Customised Training Plan

Support, structure, and accountability for your training

Educational Webinars

Nutrition for Menopause

Managing menopause symptoms & marathon training

Staying Injury-free

Strength & Conditioning for the Menopause & Beyond

1:1 check-ins

Support of a group of like-minded active women who have changed how they train and are reaping the rewards

 Your plan will reflect YOUR fitness level and YOUR goals. We work with your body not against it to run faster, longer, stronger or just to enjoy running again. This programme will remove the guesswork and give you the tools to be a better runner.

Our hormone profiles are vastly different from a man’s so how we train needs to reflect and support our hormones, not a man’s hormones. 

There is no one size fits all.

This program is currently full. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email me at