The Reset Your Running Programme is not a traditional training plan. Many people use a training plan to get fit for their race but if you want to get the best out of yourself you need to be fit before
you start that plan.  This is what we do when we reset your running. We go back to basics and rebuild your foundation as a runner. Then you are ready to train for a race.

All through the lens of a peri or post-menopausal women and surrounded by a tribe of like-minded individuals. Everyone has a different goal after they have Reset their Running, but we all understand the challenges of menopause and sport.

Every woman is individual, every menopause experience is individual, and every training plan will be individual.

For 12 weeks of step-by-step coaching, the entire plan costs €150 which is €12.50 per week.

Join Irelands only Menopause specific Training group.

Are you really getting results from your

Are you peri / post-menopausal and finding
that your body’s response to training has changed?

Are you trying to manage menopause symptoms
and exercise and feel tired but wired after long runs?

Are you completely confused with all the
information online about nutrition, menopause, and sport?

As menopausal women, we can continue to run races from 5k to marathons. What changes is how we do this and how we
support ourselves.

These are the big questions that we all want to know the answer to-

How do I train without it being a struggle every single day?

How do I do this and manage menopause symptoms at the same time?

How do I fuel myself to have the energy to do this? 

How do I stop gaining weight and feel like running is a slog?

How do I get back to enjoying running and feeling like a runner again?

Why doesn’t my body respond to training in the way it used to?

The plan is suitable for you if-

You feel like your training is going backwards
and you are getting slower by the day

Your race results are getting worse despite training harder

You are regularly injured and cannot break the cycle

You are not recovering well from training

You have constant aches and pains from training

You have frequent sugar cravings

You want to get back to enjoying running and feeling like a runner again

If you want to train more than 5 days a week and race throughout this period, then this is not the plan for you. To build a base we have to nail the basics and that won’t happen without rest, recovery,
and a period of dedicated training.

The level you wish to take your running to post 12 weeks is up to you. Many women are planning –

✔️Autumn Half Marathons

✔️Autumn Marathons

✔️Just getting back to enjoying running and being able to run again.

✔️Building a running base in preparation for Triathlon season

At the end of 12 weeks you will have a strong foundation and can continue on and do a 10 week speed block to test your new found fitness racing and then progress to marathon training starting in June. When you have a base the running world is your oyster.

Research proves that working on your base fitness for a period every year will allow you to progress year on year.

This way of training is ideal for peri and post-menopausal women as our bodies are already under stress and when we do the wrong sort of training, we only add negative stress.

This way of training adds positive exercise stress and will add to your fitness instead of taking away from your fitness.


This programme is now fully booked. Be sure to register your interest below and gain early access to my next programme. I welcome the opportunity to help you in reaching your fitness goals.

training pathway image

This is the pathway that many of the women who have been successful over the marathon distance take. 

Training starts in January with a 12-week Reset your Running Plan to build a strong foundation.

We follow this up with a short speed block and some Spring racing. 

At this point, you are fit and strong and ready to take on a 20-week marathon plan. 

Success leaves clues. What you do in the winter and spring will come to fruition in the Autumn. 

Amazing training program that really works and doesn’t involve running yourself into the ground at the same time! Really helped me focus on diet and where I could make improvements to support training. Loads of tips and tricks and I learned so so much that I can take into the future for other endurance events!! Thanks so much Irene!

I contacted Irene for a training plan to run the Dublin marathon. I got that but got so much more. Before, I was slogging along aimlessly with lots of menopausal symptoms and now with more structure and Irene’s advice on board I have my running mojo back and can go weeks without symptoms. Her quote “more training is not better training, better training is better training” is the key to success. Irene is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has a fabulous way of empowering us menopausal women. I couldn’t recommend her or her plan enough.

Never has marathon training been so enjoyable and doable. Never have I had such a well-rounded approach to training including nutrition, strength training, and recovery. Never did I believe I’d achieve a PB in a marathon at 50. I cannot thank Coach Irene enough for her expertise, encouragement, and patience throughout the 20-week training plan.