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Workshops 4hrs

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Webinars 1hr

Join the dots……

Each workshop and webinar aims to join the dots between hormonal health, exercise, nutrition, and recovery. They are tailored to your needs and pitched at a level that gives value to the participants. We have busy lives and when we take the time to educate ourselves it must be worthwhile. This information is vital for all women, not just ‘fit’ women.

If you would like to host a workshop for your group or club, online or in person, please message me.

Bookings now being taken for Autumn/Winter 2024.



  • Answering the big question ‘Why does exercise feel so hard’
  • Making exercise choices – how different types of training benefit you or feel really hard – Why is this?
  • Training for a race – the differences between a traditional training plan and one in Menopause
  • Why have I slowed down so much & how do I get faster now?
  • What strength training really is (and isn’t)
  • How to incorporate strength training & running
  • Are you really recovering?
  • Why am I always injured and take forever to return from injury?
  • What should my training week look like now?
  • How to get back to the runner you once were

Hormonal Health

  • Understanding menopause and midlife…. It’s not me it’s my hormones!
  • Why it happens, recognising symptoms, what you can do, and how to take control of menopause.
  • What is perimenopause and menopause and how is it diagnosed?
  • What are the main symptoms?
  • Are my symptoms caused by menopause or is there a link to how I am training & fuelling?
  • The importance of Lifestyle in Menopause to make you ‘Future Fit’
  • How menopause specifically impacts active women


  • Understanding body shape changes/weight gain
  • Joining the dots between menopause, exercise, nutrition, recovery & cortisol 
  •  Why am I doing everything ‘right’ but gaining weight
  • How do we nourish our bodies before, during, and after exercise?
  •  Why are we craving foods?
  • What is the role of protein in Menopause?
  • Eating to improve our sleep & our bone health.
  • What are the practical solutions and the small steps we can make for long-term sustainable change? 
  • What are the specific changes I need to make as an active woman?